Most Expensive Apartments can be found in Little Elm, next to Frisco Apartments

Due to the vast amount of people moving to the Dallas Metroplex, developers are seeking the most prime locations for building new complexes and housing for future tenants. They are banking on locations where jobs are plentiful and growth is expected.


Over the last year, Little Elm has grown almost 50%.  Over all of North Texas, this is where the most expensive apartment complex has been built with a price tag around $71 million dollars.  Rents across the DFW are averaging around $1075/mo, an almost 6% increase since last year at this time. This equates to about $60/month more than previous rents for the same unit.


Right around the corner is Frisco and apartments Frisco are equally in high demand due to all the growth.  Apartments in McKinney are also a popular location with new complexes conveniently located close to major highways and easy access to commercial complexes (grocery stores, mall shopping, restaurants, etc).


The closer you are to major job opportunities, the higher your rent is going to be. Here are 10 amenities that add value to apartment communities:

  • Schools
  • Expressway or highway access
  • Supermarkets, shopping malls convenience stores
  • Police station
  • Stadiums, sports facilities and clubs
  • Religious venues
  • Public transportation
  • Parking spaces.
  • Restaurants and food centers
  • Landmarks

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Apartment rentals across the DFW area have risen significantly over the last year and exceeding the average rent across the nation. Due to the large influx of people moving to the metroplex for the many job opportunities opening up, there is little inventory for apartment dwellers and the complexes are renting their units without any problem.


With the growing population in DFW rental affordability is getting worse. Every individual is looking for Luxury Apartments in Dallas. Economists suggest a continuous hike in rental rates and it’s not improving anytime soon. Since January 2015, rents across DFW have increased 5.7% leaving the average rental around $1076/month.  This is $58/month more than a year ago. In Fort Worth, the average rent is around a $967/month which is an increase of 6.2% since January 2015. These are near record rental increases for the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  Monthly income of the renters hasn’t kept up with increasing rental rates. Most of the renters spent one-third of their monthly income on rent.


The hike in rents has resulted in stronger demand for new rentals. This has increased land values in Dallas which have caused builders to construct more luxurious apartments in order to recoup their development costs further increasing rental rates. Moreover, developers are building new complexes at a rapid rate to help with the housing shortage.

Following are the main reasons why people are moving to Dallas:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth’s GDP is the sixth highest in the country. Its economy is leading the nation.
  • DFW is the major employment zone for all the key economic sectors.
  • DFW has top notch education system which includes numerous research universities and schools.
  • DFW is simply a great place to live and the cost of living in Dallas is cheaper as compared to other metros in the country..
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Not the most unheard Luxury Apartments in Dallas: Bishop Art’s District

img1Talking about Luxury Apartments in Dallas, have you ever heard of a place called Bishop Arts District. Well, this is a fun and eclectic area for shopping, entertainment, and delicious dining. It’s a nice day trip! The area was originally developed as warehouses and shops in the 1920s. In the 1930s, a trolley stop along Davis became Dallas’ busiest trolley stop. If you prefer to live near the Bishop Arts District, there are several complexes I can help you with especially if you are the one – fond of living life king size with luxury apartments in Dallas.

Bell Bishop Arts, 1-2/BR, Studio & Luxury Apartments in Dallas

Bell Bishop Arts is an upscale apartment community in the Oak Cliff neighborhood. It’s a great location, close to the thriving Bishop Arts District with shopping, dining, and entertainment just down the road. Twelve Hills Nature Center and Butterfly Meadows are a short walk across the street. The complex is also convenient to West Davis St, I-30, and I-35E. 1/BR’s start around $1200/mo and 2/BR’s start around $1600/mo.

Also, this presents an opportunity for renting the best studio apartments in Dallas (same complex). Interested? Don’t forget to call Dallas Apartment Guide for renting because you’ll require someone experienced to take care of your benefits. And on top that, their service is complimentary. What more one can ask for?
Magnolia at Bishop Arts, 1-2/BR, Studio & Luxury Apartments Dallas

Free apartment leasing service from Dallas Apartment Guide.Magnolia, one of my favourites is a highly recommended community. A perfect habitat for someone seeking refuge in Dallas luxury apartments. This one here is relatively new and hip!

The property is more of a boutique-style apartment community located in the historic Bishop Arts District. Single bedroom units usually lease around $1050-1100/mo. And their two-bedroom apartments are going for $1700 plus/month high-end finishes. Again, they also have studio apartments in Dallas (same complex) that start closer to $950-1000/mo.

It doesn’t matter too much on the type of apartment you choose. The vibes of happy living will always amaze as long as you’re residing in Dallas luxury apartments. Check out more real estate blog posts here..

The Most Spectacular Apartments in McKinney
5 Most Desired Apartments in Lewisville
Top 4 Luxury Apartments in Carrollton

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The Most Spectacular Apartments in McKinney TX


Renting apartments in McKinney is a yes on everyone’s wish list but finding the right apartment in the midst of soaring Dallas rentals is a real big deal. Saying so McKinney, TX is a great location for any individual, family, senior, young professional to consider their residential home location. There are several sources for finding Apartments in McKinney, TX. Dallas Apartment Guide (free & personalized service) and Apartment Guide are the better options for more accurate details on upscale apartments.

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

McKinney is a popular location amongst apartment seekers in Dallas for its great school system and easy access to major highways. The downtown McKinney area has yearly festivals and a fun flair for shopping boutiques, great restaurants and local history. Let’s have a look at some of the luxury apartments that will surely make you reconsider your move-in location.

Aspire McKinney Ranch, Apartments in McKinneyaspiremckinney
Aspire is one of my favorite communities located convenient to Sam Rayburn Tollway and Craig Ranch. They offer 1, 2 and 3/BR floorplans and have a ton of upscale amenities. The complex feeds into both Allen and Frisco ISD…..both excellent school districts.

Discovery at Rowlett Creek, McKinney TX ApartmentsMc1

This complex offer 1, 2 and 3/BR apartments in McKinney; however, feeds into the highly rated Frisco ISD school system. A newer complex that offers all sorts of nice, upscale amenities. A 10-minute commute down Custer and you are on your way along Sam Rayburn Tollway to work! A definite rating of 10 for luxury apartments in Dallas.

Soho Parkway, Apartments in McKinney34-SohoParkway--McKinney-5

Located in McKinney’s most sought after locations Soho Parkway offers 1-3/BR apartments and can easily be counted in Dallas top luxury apartments. Soho apartments have 9-foot ceilings, private balconies, gourmet kitchens, dryers-washers in all units. Moreover, its closeness to SH-121 and US-75 makes it the best-suited home for employees, shoppers and scholars.

St Pauls Square at Adriatica, McKinney TX ApartmentsMc
If anyone wants to live life king size then he just can’t miss the fun of living in Dallas luxury apartments. Cobblestone streets and traditional architecture at St. Pauls Square offers 1-3/BR luxury apartments homes for renting. The stone bridges, island chapels, bell tower and carved-out fountain contribute to the soothing vibes of traditional seaside living.

People never questioned why to move-in McKinney TX Apartments? Rather they were always found asking how to move-in Apartments in McKinney?

Find your luxury apartment in Dallas here..

Read more from us.

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Top 5 Reasons for Soaring Uptown Rentals!

businessinsider2Picture Courtesy –
Apartment markets were never really low, but uptown rentals saw a considerable rise in passing few years. Here we have compiled the top 5 reason for such unexpected rise in uptown rentals.

1. Incoming of the Big BusinessesbigjusPicture Courtesy – Bigj.uS
The place has seen quite a number of top-notch companies moving in their offices with thousands of employees. So overall there is a steep rise in demand for apartments to rent in the area and hence rising uptown rentals.

2. Rich Employeesbusinessinsider
Picture Courtesy –
Although not everyone but there is a certain amount of people who can afford to pay a little extra for luxury uptown rentals. Moreover, it is turning out to be a common problem of metros which has now started affecting mid-earning local residents of Uptown.

3. Attracting Uptown RentalsletmebuiilditcoukPicture Courtesy –
Though it sounds a bit unusual but Dallas apartment market is considered cheap and affordable as compared to other neighboring markets in Texas. As a result, people moving in here in Dallas are accounting much to the rise of uptown rentals.

4. Youth DenwordpressPicture Courtesy –
Uptown is always the preferred location for young guys and girls owing for its urban lifestyle. They are willing to pay as much as 50% of their earnings in rent. So in the case of old Dallas residents which aren’t working or self-employed, for them it’s like one impossible thing to survive with soaring uptown rentals.

5. Location benefitscandysdirtPicture Courtesy –
The location is one most critical factor for any place which accounts for its cost of living. And Uptown is pretty much on the higher side on that count with almost every important amenity at its disposal we might not see a decline in uptown rentals.

Picture Courtesy –

In spite of all these factors, there is still scope for smart living in uptown rentals which depend upon your planning and choices by defining a line in between your needs and wants. Check out more real estate posts here.
Happy Living!

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4 Things to know before calling Apartment Finder!

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.
Picture Courtesy-

This paper comprises of the things that you must note down before talking to an Apartment Finder.

1. Know your budget
wheresmytrustfundPicture Courtesy-
Of course, an apartment with a huge pool will be awesome, but the first thing that you
must ask yourself is that if you can really afford it? Probably not. You can’t spend 50% of your takeaway in paying rent only.

Experts suggest the rent should ideally be between 25-35% of your salary. Moreover, it is not the job of an Apartment Finder to suggest how much percentage you should spend. It’s total upon you to convey the budget to the Apartment Finder.

2. List your needs, not your wantspetbusinessexpertPicture Courtesy-
Once you have got the budget in your hands you must list out the things you need in your apartment rather than going for the wants. An apartment finder can get you a private roof-deck that is admirable but not so much if you have to sacrifice the off-street parking.
Trust me, after a day-long hard work the last thing you’ll want is the drive to the neighborhood for parking your car.

3. Pose for a Desirable TenantcommbankcomauPicture Courtesy-
Rentals move rather quickly in competitive markets and you might have to pay a considerable amount at one go in form of rent for first and last month, security deposit and fee to the apartment finder, so be ready for it. Also, ignoring apartment finder is less of a solution as by the time you’ll get your money accumulated the rents may go soaring as high as double.

4. Know your CommunityprogressivepestmanagementPicture Courtesy-
An apartment Finder will surely come up running to you with an array of locations and by the time of your visits to communities you might consider yourself getting lost in a heap. Thereby it is exceedingly important that you must have an idea of sorts for locations you want to go by.

Friends and Family can suggest a whole lot of goods for what you can expect with particular communities. And how close or far they are to transportation, restaurants, and other places.

Also, web-models of some Apartment Finder come with detail analysis of specific locations which can be of great help to apartment tenants.

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Peeping through Luxury Apartments in Dallas

spectrumpropPicture courtesy –

To make it short DFW metroplex is very expensive be it with leasing luxury apartments in Dallas or while paying rents. Although few apartments still remain pocket friendly but most others are real luxury apartments based in Dallas and one thing is certain about them, they won’t come cheap.

Preston Hollow

updatesouthlakePicture courtesy –

Located in North Dallas, this wonderland stretches from Northwest Highway to Royal Lane in north and Hillcrest to Inwood Road in east, which can be accessed via LBJ/I-635 loop.
Preston hollow is renowned for its contemporary oak-tree homes and classic luxury apartments based in Dallas. It presents a range of luxury apartments with a cost little too high but not for the ones who like it being neighbor to the former president, George W Bush who moved in here along with his family since completion of his term.
Preston hollow bestows DFW’s most privileged schools including Episcopal School of Dallas, Hockaday School but with tuitions as high as $21,000 a year.
Also, for shopping addicts Preston Road is the go-to-place brimming with numerous shopping and dining opportunities in addition to Dallas luxury apartments.
Although, Preston hollow being home to some serious business leaders it still provides the opportunity for freshly coming in to find their share of luxury apartments to rent in Dallas.

M Street


Moving some distance from downtown, near to White Rock Lake you’ll come across something called M Street. The stunning suburb of M Street is a first-choice thing for people especially couples moving new to the city in search of luxury apartments in Dallas. It is located in between Greenville Avenue to North Central Expressway in the east and McCommas to Vanderbilt in the north. Located near White Rock Lake at some distance from downtown, this beautiful town offers a superb range of luxury apartments to the newcomers.

For shopping and food addicts Greenville Avenue is the place to go, beaming with lots of stores and dining opportunities within easy walking distance.
But prices for luxury apartments here are relatively high, much thanks to its designation of a Greenland Hills Conservation District. Still But luxury apartments in M Street Dallas are worth each and every penny you invest.


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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Plano!!

NS_07KellerPlano13MA.jpgHigh School Pitcher, Plano; Picture courtesy-

Wondering why everyone is moving to the charming City of Plano, here we have the top 5 reasons compiled for you-

1. Jobs12
Plano; Picture courtesy –
Plano, being the home to many Fortune-ranked companies, brags about an incredible number of high-paying, white collar jobs. Also, with the soon advent of Toyota and many other brands, this number is seeing no sooner degrade. Plano offers a diverse employment base, with 38% of it belonging to Trade, Transport and Professional Business Services it is readily turning out to be the new hub for job-seekers. HP Enterprises and Bank of America along with their 4,800 and 5,400 employees are the city’s top employers. Unemployment rates in Plano were 5.1% as per year 2014 and with an incredible recession recover ratio of 1: 5 i.e., for every single job lost during the recession period, city has come up with 5 new job opportunities.

2. Security10
Picture courtesy –
Accrediting to a violent crime statistics of sheer 1.4 to a thousand persons along with overall crime rate being 37 percent lower than the average among other Texas cities, it is thus regarded as one of the safest city to live. In fact, in 2010 and 2011, Forbes Magazine ranked Plano the Safest City in the Country. The Plano Police Department has about 600 sworn officers and civilian employees very much geared up to Crime Stopper Program.

3. Best Schooling5
Picture courtesy-
Plano School System ranks among the best in the state, comprising of 70 public schools, 16 private schools along with 2 campuses of Collin College and 6 libraries. Its students have constantly secured highest SAT’s amongst all the DFW schools. Also, 93% of Plano ISD students graduated from high school in comparison to 75% of Dallas ISD.
Plano ISD also has two 4-year high school academic programs, one being STEM and the other one focusing on Health Science. In addition to this, Plano has few supplementary schools for the sake of additional Mathematics and Chinese language classes.

4. Location
Picture courtesy-
Plano’s proximity to Dallas is one key feature to it, which can be accessed easily via DART or the extensive highway system.
Plano also hosts DFW International Airport which is the second largest airdrome of United States, well renowned for being one of the busiest and well connected airports in the world. It flies to 202 destinations across the globe comprising of 55 international and 147 domestic ones.

5. Cost of Living8
Picture courtesy-
Plano’s high salary opportunities coupled with low taxes and cost of living certainly makes it a priority place to reside in the whole of US. Housing here is the best thing for you with property taxes remaining the lowest amongst all DFW cities plus no income or corporate taxes to worry about.
Although, it being one of the very populous cities in US, Plano still holds many titles marking itself as one of the Best Suburbs to Live in Texas, US.

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5 Best Suburbs of DFW

13Waterloo, Uptown; Picture courtesy –

Thinking about moving in, here we have compiled for you “The 5 Best Suburbs of DFW” to consider, for your share of bedroom apartment.

Uptown; Picture courtesy –
Uptown is located west and north of North Central Expressway and downtown Dallas respectively. Once home to prominent businessmen the new look Uptown dances to the tune of youthful exuberance. For young professionals looking to rent, Uptown is the first stop when they move to the city.
Its latest leg of development started in the early 1990’s with not much of high-rise options being available by then. But after many of those being redone, nowadays, it is certainly the most preferred suburb for young guys. Lanes are filled with shops, cafes and affordable apartments. The overwhelming amenities and culture makes it a first choice thing for. Rental services are abundant owing to numerous mid-rise luxury apartments and townhouses.
Spend some time walking through the Katy Trail to sense the true spirit of Uptown. McKinney Avenue is the most heard thing about Uptown sited along with numerous restaurants, offices and beautiful apartments.

Preston hollow
Picture courtesy –
Located inside LBJ/I-635 loop in north Dallas, Preston Hollow welcomes every visitor with oak trees and extended parklands. Preston Hollow is one of Dallas’s most prestigious neighborhoods, brimming with opulence. It is greatly renowned for its exclusive schooling with Episcopal School of Dallas and Hockaday School offering a world of good however charging as much as $20,000 a year for the same.
Preston Hollow is a place for some serious business leaders, with county’s finest apartments for rent with no conciliation. It is also the home to former President George W. Bush since his term completed.
For shopping addicts Preston Road is an event encompassing the Preston Royal Shopping Center. The only thing which is not priced at a million dollar here is the fantastic food at Neuhaus Café.

M Streets
6M Streets, Picture courtesy –
Sited merrily in between Greenville Avenue to North Central Expressway in the east and McCommas to Vanderbilt in the north, M Street is a premium suiting for couples and young families. Located near White Rock Lake at some distance from downtown, this beautiful town offers a superb range of luxury apartments to the newcomers.
For shopping and food addicts Greenville Avenue is the place to go, beaming with lots of stores and dining opportunities within easy walking distance.
By and large prices for luxury apartments have gone up here, owing to its designation of a Greenland Hills Conservation District, though buildings here do have a traditional as well as neo-colonial touch in them.

Lake Highlands
Marching Band, Lake Highlands; Picture courtesy –
Eminent for its rolling hills and numerous shade counts, Lake Highlands is located east of U.S. highway 75 and north of Northwest Highway. To live in the vicinity of beautiful Richardson school district is of prime precedence to young couples and family.
Development first started here in the early 1950’s by the name of L Streets and then moved west from there where traditional ranch-style homes can also be seen today belonging to the late 1970’s. The new look Lake Highlands is fast turning out to be the most preferred place for young professionals and families coming through, owing to its easy access to both downtown and job centers in Richardson and Plano. Lots of high-range comfort apartments are available here along with a few of mid-range pocket friendly ones.
For most of the social gatherings here, schools are the chosen venues. Not to forget cycling and jogging along the White Rock Trail.

Picture courtesy
Richardson is an old, fast-ring neighborhood, located in between Dallas and suburb of Plano. The city is Home to Telecom Corridor and few of the top notch companies like Nortel. Richardson suburb is well celebrated for its diversity where we see excellent schooling and healthy economy tempts people to move in.
The beautiful city of Richardson is nothing short of art and culture, beholding annual “Wildflower!” and 40-year-old Cottonwood Arts Festival.
The reason people keeps addressing the city is because of its closeness with the downtown Dallas; some 20 minutes to be exact (via the DART light rail system). It serves as a bedroom community to downtown Dallas, providing families with a wide spectrum of fine luxury apartments in all sizes, prominently alongside North Central Expressway and Belt Line Road.


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5 Reasons Why Frisco is a Great Place to Live!

6Picture courtesy –
If you’re thinking about making a move, Frisco, TX, should be high on your priority list to consider. Here’s why:

1. Great schools.
4Picture courtesy –
The Frisco Independent School District (FISD) is the most delightful thing that has happened to Frisco, Tree City, USA. In addition to 7 high schools and 50 middle and elementary schools, the Frisco ISD is also bestowed with a prominent CTE center which encourages high schools students to come up and experience diverse careers opportunities, it can be a graphic designing class or can be some veterinary stuff. Colin College standing certain on the Wade Boulevard of Frisco has a rich culture and history to thrive upon. MBA courses of UT Arlington and University of North Texas are very much admired by the people of Texas. Such rich culture of schooling transpires in the streets of Frisco where 95.8% of people you come across are High School Graduates.

2. Business growth.
Picture courtesy –

Economic engagements of Frisco are on ascendency thanks to The Frisco Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) which is proving quite functional in bringing new business opportunities to the city. Frisco took a different economy track, when they chose to contribute a percent of local sales tax to FEDC. Stonebriar Centre, a 165-store regional mall and IKEA, a furniture storewith an area of 28,800 square meters the prime example of city’s economic opulence. Most of the retail establishments are sited lining the much eventful Preston Road. The days are generally hot and humid but the business here is swift and buzzing. The New Frisco Square is turning out to be the new downtown with 250 residential units including many luxury apartment complexes, 7 restaurants and 40,000 square feet of commercial office space. The Median income of a Frisco family is $109,086 with average household size of 2.9. Also, only 2.2% of Frisco families are below poverty line, which is a very captivating figure for all big businesses.

3. Recreation.
Gregory A. Wood
FC Dallas; Picture courtesy –

Frisco is by no means short on recreational opportunities, it comprises various parks, sports complexes, long stretches of golf courses, aquatic centers and giant stadiums, announcing itself as one of the biggest sporting venues across the US. The Dr Pepper Ballpark, a 10,600-seat baseball stadium and Pizza Hut Park, a 20,500-seat stadium have won scores of awards for their rich architectural opulence. The city is a celebrated territory to many sports teams. Dallas Cup, a renowned international youth soccer tournament is hosted in Frisco every year, which is home to FC Dallas since August 2005. It is also home to Dallas Stars NHL (Hockey), Frisco RoughRiders (Baseball) and Dallas Mavericks (Basketball) along with Superdrome, an outdoor velodrome. FISD also provides an array of sports programs for budding student athletes. The so called Dallas Cowboys will also be moving in time for the 2016 NFL football season in whole of 91 acres with all amenities ready to go.

4. Dining, shopping, entertainment.
Interior, Stonebriar Mall; Picture courtesy –
A shopper’s paradise, it truly is when you come across the 165-store Stonebrior Mall or walking along the Preston Road. The taste of Frisco is limited not only to the local cookery; it’s varied and thus more profound. The Chain of Restaurants has much more to offer than just superb cuisines and rich ambience, which could only be felt by paying a visit. Moving along to the Frisco Square, a heavenly aroma of affluent taste awaits you at seven restaurants, while the newly built City Hall which can easily be the center of appeal leads to a silent but engaging library. Nearing it a Cinemark Theatre and a Forest Park Medical Center can be seen standing along north and south in unison. Walking in the dusk of Frisco, Cobbled Lanes and Enigmatic Bistros will never fall short to amaze you.

5. Overall quality of life.
Picture courtesy –

Located 40km away from Dallas International Airport, the Beautiful City of Frisco is nothing short of adventures. Legendary Schools, Majestic Boulevards, Ecstatic Cuisines and Flying Football are the impeccable posters; the happy inhabitants of Frisco are living with. They all live in unison in this fast growing Tree City which primarily is a home rule city. 6 Council members along with the Mayor are responsible for most of the decision making here. The overall quality of life is a first-rater. Fine Schooling, Tough Sporting, Swift Economy, Ethnic Locations and Pleasant Evenings, Frisco has all the ingredients owing to the perfect recipe of a sumptuous lifestyle. Frisco saw 25% increased populace within the last 4 years, posing itself to the title of “America’s 7th Best Place to Move” by Forbes.

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